Page (App) Performance

I know it’s still in beta (I know I know)…

Just wanted to state (constructively) that the performance seems to be getting worse not better.

The ping times to seemed acceptable but the throbber just keeps on spinning.

Even the forum access is nigh on unworkable and I often get reload screen.

Would be nice to stabilise current content if possible… All I see on dev updates is new content for new $$$$…

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*Note the reported poor performance is whilst using Chrome on MacOS.

Firefox (on MacOS) did have issues (IMHO), but having switched back to check performance is a little better.

Speedlab report:

Hello there - thanks for the testing and feedback.

We have not yet deployed anything aimed at performance, so it isn’t surprising that it still isn’t meeting our standards.

While we haven’t released anything yet, we have been working under the hood and have found several things to target to make things much, much better. We will be working to get that stuff ready for release in the next several weeks.

We’re looking forward to it - thanks again!


Thanks for taking the time to comment Adam (I suspect you must be very very busy!)

Looking forward to seeing what Demiplane (standards) become.

I’m just a smidgen impatient (and unapologetically direct) as I think the platform has so much potential!

Here is hoping!

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