Pagination Controls for Backgrounds No Longer Visible to Screen Reader

I believe this issue started with the 02/14 update but I can’t be sure. I can no longer go to different pages of backgrounds. I can still use the search box to filter them but before I was able to go to the next page or select a page number. I am not sure if these controls are hidden in other places or not they definitely are for backgrounds. I will update this post if I notice this anywhere else. I hope there’s a fix for this. The previous controls were perfectly accessible, and I had in fact only found one place where they weren’t working properly, which was if I chose the Natural Ambition Human ancestry feat and tried to load the list of class feats.

Thanks for calling that out. The controls aren’t visible to the screen reader because they are currently not displaying at all due to a bug. We have a fix in the works for this though, so they should be back in an upcoming update.

Oof no worries. I look forward to their return :slight_smile: