Paizo book subscriptions and Demiplane

I’m looking into getting Paizo subscriptions for rule books, including the Lost Omens subscription. The book subscriptions include PDFs as well; will those PDFs unlock the corresponding content on Demiplane? I understand that if I purchase Dark Archive on Demiplane I will also get the PDF on Paizo for syncing my account. But does it work both ways? If I start my subscription today with Dark Archive Special Edition, will it unlock dark archive content on Demiplane?
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If you have a PDF in your library on your Paizo account, you’ll get a pretty significant discount on Pathfinder NEXUS. The Paizo subscription means that you’ll get that discount for each new title that you own through Paizo, which is a nice perk, but you do still have to purchase the digital copy on Pathfinder NEXUS.


If you want the physical books, and to use this tool your going to have to pay a premium. I am now going the route of buying all the books through Nexus so I can utilize their content and then getting the free PDF version through my connected Paizo account.

I’ll be honest, I like my various rpg books on my shelf as decorations but even the ones I own physically, I still prefer to pull the PDFs up on my laptop or tablet anyway.


Thanks for the quick response and feedback!

I do the same starting with Nexus and then getting the pdf’s from Paizo.

I also use Foundry VTT and the modules that Paizo’s partners are creating. See VTT Resources available

It was been the best solution for my needs.

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I’m a big fan of physical books too, for the record. I currently get the digital version on the NEXUS, and then follow up with physical copies of the books that I think will be most useful (or with the best cover art).

I only use physical books for skimming through adventures these days, unless I’m playing a game that doesn’t have a NEXUS or some other good digital toolset available.

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It’s quite hard to beat the search filter of a PDF, especially while at the table.

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