Paizo discount

Hello, I own the Fall of Plaguestone adventure PDF on the Paizo website. I have my Demiplane and paizo connected. I am not seeing a discount applied to my purchase on Demiplane. Is there no discount for FoP?

You may have to go to your demiplane (not nexus). “launch the app”

click your profile image top right.
click account settings
sync accounts
paizo connect

and finally refresh account

That should do it for you.

Thanks for the reply. I already did all of that. I can see that my accounts are connected and I refreshed the connection a few times.

Hey @neurolancer! So sorry that you’re having that issue. Would you mind sending that message to I’ll let them know the ticket is coming and we’ll get that sorted out for you!

It finally worked. I had to log out, clear my cache and retry.

Ah yes, the cache. I forgot about that.

I’m glad that it worked! Let me know if you need anything else and enjoy Fall of Plaguestone!