Pathfinder 2 v2 additional books

Hi, apologies if this is addressed somewhere else but I’ve not found it.
Will we get free upgrades to the Advanced Player’s Guide, Guns & Gears and other additional rulebooks in a similar manner to the GM & Player core books (which is brilliant, thank you!)

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think I just found the answer, looks like those books are being amalgamated into Player Core 2 but my question still stands about whether we’ll have to pay again or get upgraded

Hello and thanks for posting!

Our Remaster Program is intended to ease the transition from legacy to remastered content for Pathfinder players, and we’re excited to be able to offer it. We are always going to take an approach of doing the best we can for fans within the parameters of our licenses.

We don’t have any details to share about any of those future products, but we will share if we do in the future.



thanks for the quick reply BadEye, I know a lot of this will be controlled by Paizo.
I was going to add a couple of comments but I’ll do that in a separate post to keep this one on track :slight_smile: