Pathfinder 2E Character Equipment Crash

When on the Pathfinder 2E character screen, when I click on Equipment, the screen goes blank with an error, and then crashes the website. This makes the Pathfinder 2E character screen mostly useless, which is upsetting since I just purchased a host of sources. Can this be fixed?

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Is there any chance of getting this fixed sometime soon? Equipment is kind of a big deal in Pathfinder 2, and a critical component of an online character builder.

I’m not sure if what troubleshooting methods you’ve tried. But, if you haven’t done it already, you might try to clear the cache in your browser.

Warning: Make sure you know your passwords before doing this. This will erase saved passwords and logins to all websites in your browser.

Once done, restart your browser. If that doesn’t fix it then more troubleshooting will need to be done on the Demiplane team side.

Hello, could you please send me the email address associated with your account? You can do that in a private message to me here if you want so we can look into what’s happening. :slight_smile:

This should be resolved now. Could you please check again and let me know if you’re still encountering the issue?

It appears to be resolved.

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