Pathfinder 2e core

I’ve had the new Core books on preorder for some time now do they come with discount codes for the versions here or is it like a D&D beyond situation?

If you have the PDF in your Paizo account, you can take advantage of our Paizo Connect feature and get a deep discount on the NEXUS version. Since that discount usually kicks in once the product is live, we can give you a one-time use promo code to take advantage of that now.

Also worth noting: Our Pathfinder Remaster program means that if you purchase the Core Rulebook at the same time as the Player Core or the Gamemastery Guide at the same time as the GM Core, you will get the Core upgrade for free. :slight_smile:

So I have the physical books on order not the PDF.

The core books will replace my core rule book and core GM

As of this time, we are only able to offer that deal for previously purchased PDF copies of Pathfinder books. If that ever changes, we’ll be sure to announce it on all of our official channels. :slight_smile: