Pathfinder 2e PC Core, GM Core and Monster Core on its way

Yep, they are moving the books out of the OGL pronto!
I do like the fact that they are already adopting ORC Rules though.

There will be pocket editions.

That’s the good news.

The not so good news? Well PC Core will be $59 USD, GM Core will be $59 USD and Monster Core will be $59 USD. Then if you want alchemist? Next year you can buy PC Core 2 for another $59 USD.

I really hope these prices drop on release and do not reflect the final pricing. - Store / Pathfinder / Rulebooks / Second Edition Rulebooks and click on preorders for the prices I mentioned.

I wonder if demiplane is already hard at work on these books hehehe.

As always, keep up the good work guys.

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Compared to current book pricing, total for the 4 books is going up ~$30 ($240 vs $210). Total page count seems pretty flat (1496 for the new Core vs 1528 current). Everyone has a different tolerance towards price increases and such, but, for me, not too much of an issue.

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I have to agree. With inflation on materials and rising labor costs this is something I would expect.

My question is how is this going to impact Nexus? Will we be buying the core rules again or will the changes be so minor that Demiplane will take a different approach?


As these will be new books, I suspect that they will be treated as such here. I recall that Erik Mona saying in the RfC stream that they may look to try and do something, but nothing concrete right now.

So now that we can actually use the character tools, we have to rebuy essentially the same books we bought to use with the character tools in the first place?

I get they’re “new” books, but let’s face it, it’s just errata’s. The problem is they’ll swiftly become what people will expect available during play and the old versions will be pretty quickly faded out as new releases are made with the revised editions in mind.

People who use Archives and Pathbuilder have nothing to worry about as it’s all free there anyway, but for people who’ve invested in Nexus, if they bought the content for use in the character tools (which is the only real paywall anyway) then they were essentially wasted purchases.

I’ve said it before, but if you look anywhere online where people discuss Nexus for PF2E, the conversation is always about what actual value is being added when free tools already exist that are pretty feature complete, and it doesn’t make it any easier to justify the perceived value to people when there are so many duplicate purchases involved.