Pathfinder 2e Remaster Project not working?

I already own different books on the platform.
After creating a Demiplane account and syncronizing it with my Paizo’s one, I receive the discount on the book that I already own, including the Core Rulebook and the Gamemastery Guide.
Those are now 20$ each, instead of 35$.
Since I wanted to gain the benefit of the Remaster Project, I created a cart with the Core Rulebook ans the Gamemastery Guide with their remastered version, the Player Core and the GM core.
I was expecting the total to be 40$, but the price for the remastered seems to not updating to 0$.
I tried to completed the purchase but the total was confirmed to be 110$, hence I stopped.

Any idea of what I am missing?

I suggest opening a support ticket, as they are on their holiday break.



just a quick tough here, are you trying to buy the core gamemaster book or the legacy gamemastery guide?

If you are trying to buy the remaster edition and you own the legacy edition, I don’t see the how they will put the discount, since you don’t own those in Paizo.

Also, double check you didn’t have the legacy edition and the remasterd edition in you cart, hence the 110$? Just a tip to help you solve the issue.

Maybe it is not that at all. But just a tough.

So I came across an other post in the forum and it looks like they had an issues, I just tried it, I will bought them, but it is working now. Here is the proof.

@Mobaster here is the post I was talking about : Remaster program over?

and here a photo to prove that everything is working now

So enjoy the remaster program. :wink:

The issue with the Remaster program was resolved over the holiday break. Thanks for confirming it’s working now @Chivethan :slight_smile:

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