Remaster program over?

My 5e group are interested in trying PF2e. I saw Demiplane seems to have a remaster program that gives the core rulebooks for free if you own the old core rulebook. I remembered I had some of the pathfinder books in a humble bundle, so I linked my Paizo account to get the discount on the legacy books I owned. However, when I added both the old rulebook and new player core, it still showed the full price. Is the remaster program now over? Or is this just an error in the system? The remaster program page doesn’t indicate when it would end (though it does seem to be worded as if the new books hadn’t released yet) so maybe the page should be updated/removed to avoid confusion, but if so it’s a bit annoying that I missed out on the free upgrade.

The remaster program is not over. Our third-party provider that handles checkout is having an issue with discount calculations that we are working with them to resolve.

In the meantime, if you purchase just the Core Rulebook and Gamemastery Guide and then send us a support ticket here, we can give you a code to add the new Core books to your account. :slight_smile:

awesome, thanks!

will the remaster program be applying to the Advanced Players Guide>Player Core 2 and Bestiary>Monster Core books as well?

We aren’t quite ready to share what our plans are for that yet, but I’m sure we’ll have an update before the street date for Monster Core. :slight_smile:


Hi Joshua,
Apparently, Monster Core is shipping these days. Does that mean we’re getting an update on Player Core 2 “soon™”? :smiley:

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