Pathfinder 2ed Remaster

I got the manuals from before there was Demiplane. And now my question: can I take advantage of the remaster option for free, or not?

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Hi there!

If you go ahead and link your Paizo Connect account with your Demiplane account, you’ll receive a deep discount on any books you own on Paizo here on Demiplane. If you buy the Core Rulebook using that deep discount, you’ll still get the Player Core remaster for free with the Remaster Project. You can even combine that discount with a discount code, like REMASTER23 to get even more value.

" You have connected your account to Demiplane! Enjoy discounts, special offers, and other cross-platform benefits.

Your Paizo Activation Code:


Issues with Paizo Connect?

If you’re experiencing issues with Paizo Connect, select Refresh Account to refresh your account status. If issues persist, please contact Demiplane Support."
How should I do where I put the code “XXXX XXXX XX”?
I can’t figure it out.

Goto > Login > Click your profile icon > Account Settings > Sync Accounts > Paizo Connect > Fill in the form.

“Login > Click your profile icon > Account Settings > Sync Accounts > Paizo Connect > Fill in the form”, Now I get the figure I gave above. I don’t get “Fill in the form,” but message I posted above. “Fill in the form” I can’t find it.

Now that your Paizo account is linked you should be able to purchase the books you own pdfs for at a discount.
Use the REMASTER23 code at checkout to apply a further 20% discount.

If you want to take advantage of the Remaster option you need to purchase one of the books mentioned by MellieDM above.

In my case they emailed me the codes for the Remaster option because I already own the Core Rulebook and Gamemaster Guide. I added those codes via:

Goto > Login > Click your profile icon > Redeem Code > Enter Code > Click Redeem.

Here’s a copy of the benefits they are offering.

  • Free upgrade code: If you currently own the Core Rulebook on the NEXUS, we will email you a code for Player Core
  • Free upgrade code: If you currently own the Gamemastery Guide, we will email you a code for GM Core
  • Free “start now” code: If you have pre-ordered Player Core, we will email you a code for the Core Rulebook
  • Free “start now” code: If you have pre-ordered GM Core, we will email you a code for the Gamemastery Guide
  • Future-proofed purchase: When you purchase the Core Rulebook, add Player Core to your cart to get it free
  • Future-proofed purchase: When you purchase the Gamemastery Guide, add GM Core to your cart to get it free

Did I buy it from NEXUS? No, but I bought the Paizo PDF… and is it valid for Demiplane?

Ok so sounds like that’s the bit you are missing.

The pdf is a separate product that is sold by Paizo.

If you want to use the book on Demiplane you need to purchase that content on Demiplane.

Demiplane is not owned or operated by Paizo. It’s a separate company making profit off of Paizo’s licensed content. As such there is a cost associated with purchasing that content.

The good news is that Paizo consider the purchase of pdfs from them as a copy of their digital license. This allows you to purchase the content from Demiplane at a reduced cost. If you don’t own the pdf already then you will see the price of books is more expensive. When you purchase these books directly from Demiplane, it will also unlock the pdf on the Paizo site.

Interesting. Buying on Demiplane is present on Paizo, but the opposite, not buying on Paizo, does not show up on Demiplane. Is that right? Ahrg.

Correct. Which is how it works for all the 3rd party partners. The concept of the pdf being a copy of your digital license applies to everyone.

What’s absolutely amazing is Demiplane has decided to gift us all copies of the 2x new books for free assuming you own the existing copies of those books. That’s a really appreciated move on their behalf.

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Thanks for the above explanation…

Just to make sure about the physical books…

If I purchase a physical pocket edition/hardcover version of the remaster GM Core @,

I will not be eligible for the Nexus discount for the digital GM Core ?

Mat L.

Thank you.

No. There is no link from Physical Books to Demiplane. The only benefit from getting a physical book from Paizo would be if you have a subscription with them. This way you also get a pdf copy of the book as part of the sub deal. Owning the pdf would therefore decrease the price of that content on Demiplane.

Worth noting though. If you want both Demiplane and the PDF it’s often cheaper to get it directly from Demiplane. Especially when there are specials going like the current 20% off code (REMASTER23

Ok… cool,
Thanks for that.

I will purchase via demiplane, purchased appears in my Digital Content of Paizo?

Yes, the PDF will appear in your Paizo account downloads

One issue I’m having: After adding the core book to my shopping cart, I then add the preorder of the player core remaster in an attempt to get the “future proof purchase” but the player core appears at full price in the cart. Am I doing it wrong, or do I just not understand how it works? I own the pdf from paizo and did the account link so the core book itself does show a discount from that, but the player core shows as 34.99, not free.

It may take a few seconds for the update to process once you proceed to the checkout process (but you don’t have to complete the transaction as is if it doesn’t update). If that still doesn’t do it, you’re welcome to purchase just the Core Rulebook and send us a support ticket to get your Player Core pre-order:

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On the site, it says the 20% off sale ends August 16th. I am just wondering, does this also mean August 16th is the last chance to take advantage the remaster upgrade promo as well?

Hello and thanks for posting!

The Remaster Program is more of “how Demiplane does things” than a promotion.

It’s our fundamental approach for supporting fans transitioning from legacy to remastered Pathfinder 2e, and therefore has no end date.

We’re excited about the updates to the game and want as many players as possible to experience Pathfinder!