Pathfinder Closed Alpha Feedback


First off, great work on Alpha Build of the Character Creator. I have read you are looking for big picture type feedback so I will start with that and then drill down to to more granular issues.

Again, excellent job. I am really pleased with how the character creation process is intuitive and much of the information is readily available on demand. Specifically, I like how character creation is ordered and how each step builds on the other. Often, when building characters on other platforms, I will leave section A blank and come back to it after I fill in section C so I can make sure things like skills are not doubled up on. I have yet to need to go back and fill something in because character creation feels natural and build upon previous steps.

Conceptually, one of the areas found less helpful was skill selection and the information provided. I am new to Pathfinder 2. I have played games with similar mechanics but not Pathfinder 2. As someone coming from a different game and maybe even people with no experience, I found the skill selection section lacking the necessary information to make informed choices. I am sure that issues like listening checks, trap searching, riding mounts and other activities are covered in the core books but there is no information about how the skills work or what areas they cover when selecting them. A toggle, popup or mouseover with additional information would be very useful here.

In regards to design use for the Character Manager screen, the “Create Character” button is big and blue in the far right hand side of the screen. I understand it is right justified and slides with the width of the page. However, on a 27" or larger screen running full screen, that button is greatly removed from the actual character location. The top row of the Character Manager lists the toggle so you can filter your characters by Nexus. The problem is that once my eyes got to the end of the list, It dropped down where I see Pathfinder 2e in big letters and then a list of my characters below it. It could be my eyes are getting old but I missed the blue create character link the first two times. Making that larger and more obvious would be very helpful.

I hope I haven’t been too long winded and that my feedback is useful. Please let me know if there is anything I can clarify for you.

Thank you,


Thanks for the feedback Rafe, we appreciate it! :slight_smile: