Pathfinder core rule book resetting

While trying to read the pathfinder core rule book, after about 30-40 seconds it jumps back to chapter 1 regardless of where I am but is approximately at the same distance down from where I was on the page that was left. How do I fix this?

Sorry for the trouble there - I’ll cross-post my reply from another thread here:

One quick note (before we have dug into this any deeper) - the “My Library” option is not really ready for prime time as of now in Early Access. It’s a concept we think will work great, and we plan to polish it up before we launch.

You will likely get much better results when reading directly from the “Sources” pages in the Digital Reader on the respective NEXUS.

We’ll update more as we get further along. Thanks!

So for Pathfinder NEXUS, you can go directly to the Sources page and the Digital Reader here:

That should do the trick.


Thanks. Just getting into this and trying to figure this out. Thanks for the quick response.