Pathfinder Nexus - 1/12 Release - Item Tooltips

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year!

We’re getting back to the office, and a new release went out yesterday that added backend support for the upcoming Game Compendium (game rule listings and primer pages) - the second phase of Early Access is getting close.

The update you’ll actually see is tooltips for Items are now accessible within all the Rulebooks in Early Access.

We appreciate the help in testing and the feedback. If you see anything off with tooltips anywhere in the content, please share it in the forums here and we’ll get it addressed.

More news on Phase 2 very soon!


Can’t wait! Been getting the books one per paycheck to be ready for the full release! Can’t wait to see the nexus running!

Love tool tips features. This is certainly one of the feature that makes why someone wants digital version over/in addition to physical or PDF.

I like nested tooltip opening another hover over tooltip feature. Currently, when I do this though, there is no way to scroll/drag the second tooltip boxes i.e. text is truncated. So I have to scroll entire screen and make sure there is enough spaces.

I do not have Beastiary book so I can’t test this myself, but if you own a Bestiary book, will it allow tooltip pop up for creatures from other books e.g. core book? If not, that would be a nice feature especially when adventure books are released.

Yes it does!