Pathfinder Nexus - 11/15 Release Notes

Hello everyone!

I’ll share a quick update to collect some of the fixes and updates we have introduced in the last couple of weeks in Early Access. Thanks again for all your participation to help us fine tune things as we prepare for some of the later phases.

First, an important update - international payments are now live. You can pre-order content in countries outside the US and Canada now, so welcome to Early Access!

Various Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Content Fixes and Updates (book content updates across the board)
  • Search Optimization (added Sources to search and some backend prioritization capability)
  • Image Load Optimization (reduces the initial load times)
  • Table of Contents Page Updates (styling updates for readability)
  • Paizo Connect Alert (notification to help onboard account connection)

We are deep into the effort to introduce tooltips to the Digital Reader. We’ll keep you posted on that soon!