Pathfinder Nexus haring not working, slow loading character management

I’ve sent in a ticket regarding this issue, but figured I’d seek some help here as well. My content sharing has come disconnected several times when Demiplane had problems charging a valid card. I had hoped that switching to a yearly subscription would address that issue. However, once again, my content sharing is not working and my players cannot access options they should have access to. This has become frustrating for not only me as the GM, but my players.

Also, a number of my players don’t really like using Demiplane for character management due to the extremely slow speeds. Even apart from the content sharing issues, the slow speeds has driven a few of them away from the platform.

I like Demiplane as the GM as reading the books on the phone or tablet is a much better experience. I have no regrets on purchasing my content on Demiplane and will continue to do so. But at this point I can’t say that the subscription for content sharing and character building have been worth it. I do understand that the character builder features are still in beta, but these issues as they exist would make it unlikely I’d subscribe again unless they are addressed. I very much want to use Demiplane as the base for our Pathfinder adventures, but at the moment I feel that the connection and speed issues are making it too problematic and is turning my players off to the platform.

Hello, and thanks for posting. We will get the ticket you submitted resolved quickly.

Regarding the slow speeds, we are very aware at this stage in beta testing that performance is not where it needs to be, and we are in active development to refactor things for Pathfinder to make the character tools perform at our high standards.

If you happen to take a look at the other games where we have introduced character tools (Avatar Legends and Vampire, soon Marvel), that would give an idea of where Pathfinder will be after the refactor. The first pancake often doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, and we were prepared to do this effort before we exit beta testing for Pathfinder.

We don’t have a concrete ETA for that refactor to complete yet, but we are cranking on it, and I would expect something before the end of the year, or worst case early next year.

We will share updates on all of our channels as soon as we have them, thanks!