Pathfinder Nexus Oddities, SRD question

So I’ve been going through Pathfinder Nexus to try and help with some bug reporting, and I came across an issue that I need clarification on before I start reporting on bugs.

What is the goal of the SRD you have on the Nexus? To have all the player content there without the necessities of the rulebooks? What is supposed to be the limits on the SRD in the Nexus? For example, monsters from modules and adventures are in the creatures tab for free, but the Shoony (from Extinction Curse) and the Phoenix Bloodline (from Fists of the Ruby Phoenix) aren’t available in their respective character options. Are modules not supposed to appear in the SRD options?

This is a potential bug or error either direction because if modules are supposed to be in the SRD, then we have lots of stuff missint (and I’m trying to gather a list) or if modules are not supposed to be there, a lot of creatures where where they shouldn’t be.

Larger bug report will come soon, thank you.

They are still working on adventure path. Extinction curse and Ruby Phoenix are not on the site yet. Those option will likely become available when the adventure is on the site.

I’m not sure what you mean by “SRD” here. If you’re talking about the Game Compendium (spell, item, feat listings, etc. plus class, ancestry, archetype primers), then what creativeburst says above is correct - we are still catching up on the full catalog of adventure paths, with our stretch goal to be to have that done by the end of the year.

So, you’ll probably want to hold off on letting us know that something is missing at this stage in respect of your time.

The Game Compendium houses all the “game mechanics” of Pathfinder 2e and is freely-accessible, because Paizo has made all that content free with all of their partners.

I hope that addresses your question, but if I’m missing something else there, let me know.


It partially does, and that’s great! There are key things that are missing from the CRB that aren’t available to access yet that I’ll mention in a bug report later, but was just curious if adventure path content was planned on being “open to the public”

Considering how paizo and the free websites like Archives of Nethys work, they aren’t allowed to have a lot of named AP or module monsters in their rules database, due to some issue or another, And I noticed that the nexus had these creatures in their creature listing.

I didn’t realize that the shoony and bloodline were just missing as those AP’s haven’t fully been applied to the rules yet. So that’s on me.

SO thank you for answering my questions I have!

I’ve been trying to put pressure on the nexus and clicking links and everyhting, and legit found several bugs that might be easy to fix, and one important missing feature of the “SRD” that as I said above is from the CRB that’s required to even use two of the classes in the game. (I say srd, meaning service rules database, as it’s just a free access of rules that you have on your website without having to pay.)

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