Pathfinder Nexus Question about Extinction Curse and Strength of Thousands Adventure Paths

Hi all, I was wondering if there’s any progress getting these two APs up on the nexus? I think other than the beginner box content those APs are the last of the non-society stuff that we’re missing. From a personal perspective, I’m the most curious about Strength of Thousands because I already own that AP on Paizo and one of our gaming group wants to GM it, so the Demiplane version could be very helpful for that. I know the remaster has been the refactor update have been the top priorities. Just curious if there’s a rough ETA for those books.

Strength of Thousands is the first up in our backlog, and we’ve made good progress on it. I can’t really share much in terms of ETA except that it’ll be sometime in 2024, but I know we’re looking forward to being caught up and are hoping to work through the remaining books in our backlog as quickly as possible. :slight_smile: