Pathfinder Nexus Search Bug (Medicine)

  1. Search Medicine
  2. Click on first entry in the results

Expected Result: Goes to the Medicine entry in the Core Rulebook

Actual Result: Takes me back to the front page of the Pathfinder Nexus

Our search functionality is not in a finished state at this point. I totally understand what you’re expecting to see here, and that is what should happen once we revisit our search tools.

What’s actually happening is that the first result is for the game element for the Medicine skill, which is what appears in the sidebar if you click on the Medicine skill on the character sheet (just the quick rules reference, not the actual text from the book). We don’t have a rules listing for skills, so there’s not a page for it to take you to, since the game element is separate from the Core Rulebook.

When we do another pass on our search tools, this will get cleaned up. We just need to filter out game elements that don’t have a listing from the search results, which should surface that section of the Core Rulebook first. :slight_smile: