Pathfinder Primer - Support Mega-Thread

Post any issues you discover as you explore the Pathfinder Primer in this thread.

Thanks for helping us test and fine-tune during Early Access!

The Free Primer can’t be read or accessed without a Demiplane account. It would help users get a better first look at Pathfinder Nexus if it could.

Thanks for the feedback - we’ll add it to the list to review.

Table 10–10: Character Wealth

There is a formatting error for Table 10–10: Character Wealth:
level 10 and 11 are mashed together, as are level 14 and 15.

thanks for that report lolipopcandy. I have gone ahead and updated that table in both the primer and core rulebook.

Thank you!

i was wondering if parts in the primer an rulebooks that have like some key info could be bolder an/or different from the other text kind of like this for example

Calculating Check Results If you have more than one bonus or penalty of a particular type, apply only the highest Number on the die + Ability modifier + Proficiency bonus Circumstance bonus Status bonus Item bonus + Circumstance penalty Status penalty Item penalty All untyped penalties = Result

We’ll see what we can do - as a general rule, we try to stick as close to the book formatting as possible, but we also try to take advantage of the digital medium to enhance where we can. Thanks!

The Playing the Game chapter are not working.

Thanks for the report. This should be fixed up!

In Chapter 9: Playing the game, there are multiple areas where it says: “The Following Formula” and then there’s an empty block of space where I assume text or a formula should be. I’ve tried disabling all my extensions and addons in both firefox and chrome, it doesn’t appear to be a problem on my end.

Great catch! Those are all fixed now - thanks!

There still appears to be a few sections that look empty but maybe shouldn’t be. The attack rolls and saving throws sections seem to have the same problem.

All fixed! Thanks for finding those!