Pathfinder Remaster: Looking for players

GM Based in East Cast USA, so Eastern Standard time.

Weekday undecided, but will need to be between 9pm - 11pm. (Parent life)

For combat, leaning towards Theater of the Mind for simplicity and fluidity, but I’m open to using Owlbear Rodeo if everyone feels battle maps are needed. We’ll use Demiplane for character sheets, and possibly voice chat. Discord otherwise.

Books we’ll use:

  • Player Core 1
  • Player Core 2
  • Secrets of Magic
  • Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide
  • GM Core
  • Treasure Vault

Currently myself as GM, and 2 players, one of which is my wife. We’re a friendly and inclusive crew, hoping to find 3 maybe 4 more players. Just a few folks who fit our vibe and play style, which tends to be pretty casual over all.

We usually do pretty standard/serious campaigns, letting the comedy come from the players either through out-of-character banter or in character shenanigans. Looking to run a long term campaign, hopefully resulting in friendship that continues beyond into future campaigns.

I’m interested. Long time DnD player looking to get into Pathfinder. Friday nights are about the only time I have free. Running two campaigns myself on Saturday and Sunday. This would be my first Pathfinder campaign. If you don’t mind playing with a noob give me a holler.

I’m interested with the only issue on my part is timing (aside from personality meshing etc); I take part in games (both DnD) that stop at 9pm eastern on Sundays and Thursdays, so an hour or so after that would work so I could grab a quick bite as either I miss dinner or I miss the games. One of the possible issues you have may be that I’m new. There was a bit of dabbling with friends (from an old MUD) decided to give Pf2 a try and well if I remember right it didn’t go past 3 sessions. I think the GM stated it was too many newb both leading and following. I tend to be a night owl so going to 2 or even 3 am would work for me. Everything besides enthusiasm I would most likely need help with.

Potentially interested depending on day of the week, can give it a try and see if things work out. I am on mobile or console devices for now but sounds doable.
I am in pacific time but if game is not early in the day it is usually fine.

I would love to learn how to play Pathfinder and can easily fit this into my schedule if you still have availability

I am new to this game, but have played dnd. looking for a game and some patience.