Pathfinder Society Year 5: Year of Unfettered Exploration - Support Megathread

Pathfinder Society Year 5 has begun! We’re excited for you to explore with us, in an unfettered sort of fashion. As you do, if you encounter any issues regarding our Year 5 support, please let us know in this thread.

Available Scenarios

Character Sheet Support

Support for Pathfinder Society Legality is not yet available. We’ll shout it from the rooftops once this is implemented so you have the best way to create your character and track their progress through this year’s scenarios.

You can use our on-site listings to find content based on their PFS legality, however. When viewing one of our game listing pages, such as Feats, you can choose the “Filters” option and then choose a type of legality under “PFS Legality”. Additionally, when looking for feats, spells, and items in the sheet, you can filter by legality.


So - at least one of the maps in the Blackwood Lost works properly (the “where in golarion” at the start of the adventure) but the rest give error messages like these:


Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at

If you entered the right address, you can:

Try again later
Check your network connection
Check that Firefox has permission to access the web (you might be connected but behind a firewall)

when trying to view the gridless/player version of the map.

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll take a look and get this resolved. :slight_smile:

That should now be fixed! Thanks again for the report.

Year 5 adventures Heidmarch Heist and Equal Exchanges - Necessary Introductions are available now on Pathfinder NEXUS!

The Island of the Vibrant Dead is ready for your visit! Get your copy (and get your group ready to meet my new favourite NPC, Barnacle Barnaby) right now.

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Both Ukuja, the First Wall and Sewer Dragon Crisis are now available! Check the links in the first post, and let us know if you run into any issues.

The last adventure of the year is now available! Check out Protecting the Firelight now. :tada:


The latest PFS adventure is available now! Links in the first post have been updated. This month has some creepy goings-on at a laboratory. :eyes:

It’s a two adventure kind of month! Pathfinder Society adventures #12 and #13 are both available NOW! Links have been added to the top post. :blue_heart: Let us know if you encounter any issues!

Two more Pathfinder Society scenarios! Check out the first post for quick links to get your copy, and post here if you experience any issues.

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The latest Pathfinder Society adventures are here! Investigate missing persons in Kaer Maga, or attempt to save a crew whose ship is caught in a time loop!

Let us know if you encounter any issues using these adventures on Demiplane.

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Two more adventures have arrived, and there’s now just one left for Year 5!

Grab the final installment of Equal Exchanges here, or see what happens after the evil ritual in Demonic Afterparty here.

Let us know if you encounter any issues. :blue_heart:

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