Payment intent issue and multiple charges

Hi! I’m went to pre-purchase content with an international address and credit card. I couldn’t seem to get the payment through as I received an error message, “ Something has went awry with setting up payment intent, please contact demiplane for support.” I tried it a few times to see if it would work, but I always got the error message.

However, soon thereafter I received a confirmation of purchase, but the system may have charged me multiple times as I see three pending charges on my credit card. I now do have access to the pre-purchased content on Nexus, but the extra charges are of course unintended. Can I get a confirmation of the number of charges going through?

Hey @dakkdit ! Glad to hear that you have the content, but so sorry to hear that you were having that issue! If you wouldn’t mind creating a support ticket at we will absolutely look into it for you! Thank you and please let me know if you need anything else!