PayPal payments?

Is there any plans for Demiplane to accept PayPal Payments? I prefer not to use my debt card or CC on the net for reason I am sure everyone will understand.


PayPal is not currently available - we will look to add more payment options in the future, so we’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks!


I would like a Paypal option too. Not only does it allow me to not give out my CC number, but it also prevents my overly protective bank from triggering a fraud alert for a charge they haven’t seen before.


Count me in as someone who would love having the option to use Paypal.

PayPal would be amazing! PayPal’s 6 mo 0% interest on their credit program was basically the only reason I was able to even entertain the legendary bundle for Dndbeyond!

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I’d instantly buy the whole Pathfinder rules pack if you’d add Paypal support.

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I just came to the forums to request Paypal as well. That way I could buy the whole Pathfinder bundle with credit and pay over 6 months…

I can confirm that we are working on adding PayPal as a payment option and hope we can get it in soon. We’ll share once it’s available.



Good news. Paypal is here and it works! Thanks Demiplane Team

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Heck yeah, used it to get the PF2e ultimate bundle and very happy about it.

How do you get paypal to split the payments into multiple installments? Or is this only available in the USA?

If someone here can’t help answer that question, it may be something that the folks over at PayPal would have an FAQ for. I have no personal experience with that feature myself, so I don’t know.

After some digging it appears to not be available in Canada.

Nope, it’s a instance of screw Canada. No pay in 4 or buy now pay later for Canada.

Is there any update on this? Just to went to spend over ÂŁ100 but no PayPal option :frowning:

It should be available in the UK, but if you’re not seeing that option, feel free to submit a support ticket here for us to look into it more closely:

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Thank you I will look harder and see :slight_smile: