PDFs purchased from Renegade, are they compatible?

Hey there,

I have purchased all PDFs through Renegade. I mean all of them. Is there something that will allow those purchases to be used here? Or will a system be put in place to allow them to be brought over? I understand that this is a different service than Renegade’s site… but like, I am not going to rebuy any of the books after I already purchased them. As much as I would love to use the character builder; I am on disability and just can’t swing it. Any options like that coming down the line?

Okay thanks :pray:

There isn’t any option like that as of this time. We’re committed to offering the best deals and support we can within the terms of our agreements. I can’t speak to what could happen in the future, but there’s nothing we can talk about right now.

I trust it’s appropriate to mention that not only Demiplane, but also other service providers are cognizant of the concerns within the RPG community. We’d be grateful if you could keep passing on our feedback to your partners. We’ll also maintain our efforts in expressing our perspectives on their social media channels. Thank you for all you do for us.

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