PF2 Character Builder Invites for Fellow Players

First, I LOVE that you all are providing those of us in the Alpha for the PF2 Character Builder the ability to invite up to ten friends to try it out. As a GM, this is a huge boon! However, two quick questions, if I may.

First, if I fill out the invite form and submit it, is that my one chance to invite people? So, if I invite two people with that one form, and then later want to invite three more…up until I hit ten, can I resubmit it?

Second, where on Demiplane can a user find the email address they used for their account? None of us can find it listed anywhere (and I only know mine based on the inbox I get the Demiplane emails at!). Perhaps we are missing it in the settings…somewhere?

You are able to go in and re-fill the form if you want. 10 is the maximum that you can submit in one entry. I believe it will autofill with previous submissions, but you can remove their information so it doesn’t submit them multiple times. :slight_smile:

As far as email address is concerned, it doesn’t currently show in your account settings anywhere, however if you want to change the email we have on file, that’s something we could help with if you put in a support ticket. This is likely something we will be revisiting as we look to make some quality of life updates to the site as a whole in the coming months.

Thank you @joshuamsimons ! I appreciate the help, and went ahead and submitted the form with the first two requests I had from fellow players. They are so excited to get access to the Alpha test!

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I must have missed something, where is the option to invite our players?

There was a link in the email I received about joining the alpha. Check there, maybe?

yea the link to invite friends was in the email about the alpha goin live i think its the second link