PF2 Character creator Wants / Needs

Really love tool, but there seem to be two bigger issues with the tool.

  • External links loses progress.
    When creating a character, some of the reference links redirects to another page losing progress. This happened multiple creating NPCs and characters for the first few times. Eventually, I would open all links in a new tab manually, but would request that any links that are not pop-up would open in another tab by default.

  • Autosave
    Seems like during the characters creation, auto saves do not save after each modification, but only after each “section” is complete. Is this by design? After each modification, could it not post back to update the character sheet?

Not that I imagine this matters much, but all testing was done via Firefox 119.0.1 (64-bit).

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve passed it along to our team. :slight_smile:

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Just going to tag along on this post

Seeing this while creating a character feels really bad. To the point where I just haven’t suggested demiplane to players yet. I want them to see what they can make, not what they can’t :frowning:


Tagging along with this, the select Feat section also is quite daunting, need to have some sort of section detailing what other feats get opened up by the selected feats you have also having the choice to filter what you CAN do with the prerequisite feats you have. This also might be nice to have a better search function at all.

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My big one is just getting the remaster in the character tools soonest. My home game has remaster characters and I play in Pathfinder Society so until the remaster is in the character builder I can’t use it effectively, compared to Pathbuilder and HeroLab.