PF2 Character Creator: why connect Paizo?

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I have most of the important rulebooks on Paizo. I am not entirely sure about how it works tho. I have to buy the content again here to use it in the character creator, right? Someone said you could build any character already, but obviously that’s not true, so that’s why I ask.

Was it open initially? And the benefit to adding Paizo link is only that I get stuff on Paizo if I buy it here again? It’s a bit hard to understand for me.

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Hi there! Great question!

Paizo Connect allows us to offer you a deep discount on any titles that you already have the PDF of in your Paizo account. Also, if you purchase a book on Demiplane, Paizo Connect will give you a free PDF of that title in your Paizo account.

This makes it a little more affordable to purchase books that you already own on the NEXUS, and makes for a nice perk when you buy books from us on Demiplane that you might want a PDF of later as well. :slight_smile:


This doesn’t seem like a feature to me. It seems like the cost of digital tools. You have to pay for the same stuff over and over again. Unfortunately there is no kicker (say pdf+) were you purchase a book from a publisher and get to use it on other platforms. I very much hope we are heading in that direction.

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Regarding the deep discount: It doesn’t really seem like it, but maybe I’m just not aware of it. I don’t think I paid over 25$ for the PDFs in the first place, but the content still costs me about the same here, so basically I’d have to pay twice. Maybe it’s an error? I don’t know. How “deep” would the discount be?

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Here’s an example.

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I really have to check that out. I have seen little to no effect on my rules content at least.

EDIT: Ok, I saw that the original price is around 35$, and I’d have to pay 20$ for the rulebooks. But okay, I can understand that, because it’s not just the rules, it’s also the convenience of having the editor. The difference to DDB here is that I didn’t own the digital stuff before, so it didn’t feel like having to pay more than once.

Thanks for the pointers!

Agreed. I am also confused as well as a bit demoralized. Maybe I am not understanding how to use the character creator tool or other tools, but I was also seeing $40 books I own on Paizo “discounted” to $20. I calculated it and to transfer my one main character to this platform from paper, even with discounts, I would need to spend $155 on books. Most of the time that is $20-$40 a pop just to add one feat or one skill from one book to get that character rolling. I could see $5 in that aspect, but for that price my character can stay on paper and I will not use the character creator. I would understand paying more for better functionality if I was going to use the books in a greater capacity on here, but I was really just interested in the character creator for organization and making sure a character was put together and played correctly. I’m a DM and was hoping to use this platform’s character creator for NPCs, but that would be impossible if this is how it works.

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We do plan to add piecemeal purchases down the line, so if all you need is one feat from a sourcebook, you’ll be able to get just that one option, rather than the full book. This will make it much more accessible for folks in similar scenarios. :slight_smile: