PF2E and designating a temp GM

I already dropped a chunk of money on being able to share info about PF2E and make it easy for them to reference the books, make a character, etc.

Problem I am running into, is I want to be able to designate one of my friends as a GM for a session. How would I do that? I already am sharing with them my resources, but they would lack the ability to have the GM specific views?

Also, I keep reading about a print to pdf option that’s basically planned, any ETA on that?

No ETA for Print to PDF yet, but we are working on it. In general, we try not to share dates too far out, because software development can be a very unpredictable process and sharing target dates too far out often leads to disappointment for everyone involved.

For the temporary GM, is that in a group on Demiplane? If so, you should be able to assign the GM role to them in the group (which removes you as GM) and then they can assign it back to you when they’re done.

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood what you’re talking about. :slight_smile: