PF2e character sheet QoL/bug fixes

I recently started running a pathfinder game for some of my friends. I decided to go all in to Demiplane. There’s just a couple of bugs and quality of life things that I hope get fixed/added in the nearer future.

First, probably one of the smaller QoL changes that I hope to see. I wish the initiative modifier was on the sheet. We all play with physical dice, and it’s just kind of an annoyance that we have to roll initiative on the character sheet in order to see our modifier.

One of my players is playing a Kineticist, and the Kinetic Aura class feature and Channel Elements action don’t seem to be located anywhere in their character sheets. This feels like a really big oversight. My player is also forced to sift through all of the impulses in the class feats section of the character builder, even those that don’t align with their elemental gates.

Another one of my players is playing a Cleric, and we’ve been having issues with the spells section of their character sheet. First, first level spells have been popping up when trying to choose cantrips. We’ve also had issues with nothing popping up in the divine font section.
I also don’t really know what I’m supposed to do with this doctrine/domain section because the only thing that pops up is below.

It empty except for the text.

All in all, the character sheet is gorgeous, and I’m just really hoping that some of these changes/bug fixes make it into a patch sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting these issues. These are all bugs that will be fixed when we roll out our new version of the character tools before the end of the year. :slight_smile: