PF2e Rulebook Bundle - questionable math

Ok, I own every available book in the Rulebook bundle. There are 5 pre-order items at $35 each - a grand total of about $175 by my estimate.

Meanwhile, Demiplane is offering me the Rulebook Bundle for $99.95 (or close to that). A 25% discount on the 5 books should be around $135. Which probably means that one of the pre-order books isn’t being included.

I would have benefited from being able to use the bundle - except I won’t pre-order and I won’t do things where the math is clearly off.

I realize that your pre-order plans were for the days when it was a single item. But that isn’t what is going on now and I think that you will find that including the pre-order items is have a bad effect on your sales. Also, including books that are soon to be obsolete isn’t great either.


Thanks for letting us know. We’ll double check to see if everything is accurately listed in the bundle. :slight_smile:

Double checking: Is it possible that you’ve already pre-ordered one of those titles already? Just trying to track down what’s happening with the math and wanted to confirm. :slight_smile:

No, I’ve not pre-ordered anything - at least not to my knowledge.

Also, let’s say that I haven’t pre-ordered. 4 x $35 = $140. $140 with a 25% discount is still around $105. I am being quoted $99.97 as my catch-up price. The price isn’t right for 4 or 5 books.

EDIT: The one price that does work is being charged as if I own the PDFs on the Paizo site (i.e. $20 per book).


Thanks. Just wanted to confirm the details while we look into it. :slight_smile:

I think we’ve figured it out. Each of our bundles offers you what we call “Previously purchased content credit.” The idea behind it is that no matter when you purchase the bundle, whether it’s on your first product or your tenth, you’ll wind up getting the same discount for all the books in the bundle.

Each time you purchased a title from that bundle for $35, the total discounted cost of the bundle reduced by that same amount. Since you have purchased those books without the 15% discount, the discount you’re seeing there includes the 15% Rulebooks bundle discount on the titles you already own as well.

In other words, you’re not seeing the discount on 5 titles. You’re seeing it on 16 titles (the number of books in that bundle). At full price on 16 books, that works out to roughly an $84 price decrease (if all books are $35), but since it stacks with the Paizo Connect discount, if you’ve used that on any of your NEXUS titles, that will decrease the total cost of the bundle accordingly, and so the markdown would also take into consideration how much of that reduced total cost you’ve paid (which I’m not going to try to do corner of the napkin math with).

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Well that is pretty nice of you all. Thanks!