PF2E Sword Scion

The background states; You’re trained in the Warfare Lore skill. You gain access to Aldori dueling swords and can purchase one as part of your starting equipment. You treat Aldori dueling swords as martial weapons rather than advanced weapons for the purpose of proficiency.

But the character sheet doesn’t reflect that. I can’t see any way to alter the swords required proficiency or a way to directly add the proficiency. So this leaves the sword as untrained when wielded by a swashbuckler with the Sword Scion background

Thank you! I can confirm the issue on my end, and am submitting a ticket to the dev team.

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Howdy! This should now be fixed. Aldori Dueling Swords for all Aldori Duelists!

You fixed it just in time for my Thursday game :slight_smile:
I tested it out yesterday and it worked perfectly. Thanks for fixing and letting me know!

Woo-hoo!!! Love to hear it. Thanks again for the report. :heart:

I just created a Sword Scion fighter and noticed (a) the Aldori Dueling Sword didn’t have the finesse option, though it has the icon for the finesse trait and (b) the level of training was “trained” rather than “expert,” where it should be if it is to be classed together with martial weapons for Sword Scions.

I can “fix” these problems by overriding the weapon’s stats, but shouldn’t it be automated?

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take a look - I suspect it’s a simple fix on our end. :slight_smile: