PF2e Ultimate Bundle + PDF Discount

I am a subscriber to several of Paizo’s book subscriptions which results in me owning the physical copy of books along with the pdf which in turn results in me having the pdf discount for all of the Nexus content. If I were to buy the Ultimate bundle to gain access to all of my content through this program would I have the 25% discount alongside the pdf discount or would I only benefit from one of the two discounts on all future purchases? Apologies if this has been asked already.

I’m the same.

I have no idea, myself. But if I had to guess, is that we’d get the 25% off on new books in the bundle that we don’t have… for example… when Dark Archive comes out. But anything we already have, we just get the owned discount.

Great question!

The way it works is that the Paizo Connect discount happens first and then the bundle discount is added afterwards. Here’s a side-by-side breakdown to show what this looks like in practice. The slides are from the 6-7-2022 Dev Update, if you want to watch the whole video.

I was referring more to the 25% discount quoted in the Ultimate Bundle for future content shown below:

For instance, buying the Ultimate bundle now wouldn’t net me the “Dark Archives” book that comes out next month but I will be getting it through my Paizo subscription. Would I receive my Paizo Connect discount and the Ultimate discount on the “Dark Archives” book for Pathfinder Nexus or just one of the two?

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In short, yes. If you own the pdf from the Paizo site you’ll see the Paizo Connect discount that will be applied first, and then you would get the 25% discount from the bundle applied at that point. :slight_smile:


Excellent! Thank you so much!

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