Phase 2 of Early Access Begins!

Hello everyone!

Phase 2 of Early Access has begun with the first release of the Game Compendium, which will collect all official Pathfinder game mechanics in one easily viewable, searchable, filterable, and navigable place.

To start, you will find game element Listings under the Game Rules menu in the Nexus nav bar for Items, Feats, Spells, Creatures, and Backgrounds.

The Listings will house all official Pathfinder rules for each element type with quick search and advanced filters in a table format that allows you to deep dive into the full details of any rules element.

To start, all content from currently-released Rulebooks is available, but Lost Omens and Adventures content will be incorporated into these Listings in the next few weeks.

Later in Phase 2 (but soon!), the Game Compendium will expand to include “Primers,” which will be your one stop for all things related to some of the more complex and key game elements like Classes, Ancestries, and Archetypes. Keep a look out for more on Primers in the near future.

We have been blown away by the response and participation of the community in Early Access so far, and we continue to appreciate your help in providing feedback on this phase to make Pathfinder Nexus everything Pathfinder players want it to be.

Feel free to leave Game Compendium feedback here in the Forums, Discord, or anywhere else you can find Demiplane, and tune in to our weekly Dev Update livestreams to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening as Early Access continues for Pathfinder Nexus!


You guys weren’t kidding. This compendium is snappy!

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So awesome - Keep up the good work!


Fantastic job you guys! I’m getting even more pumped about Nexus and the direction we’re headed. Eagerly awaiting the day I can advise my players that we’re migrating to Nexus for character creation and management!


Can not wait for this! I’m so excited to continue to play Pathfinder and having this would make things so much better!!!


Bug report: IPhone 11 OS 15. Compendium, items, weapons. When filtering the Trait menus does not appear if I have already selected another filter such as Type, Rarity, ect.

The trait menus will appear only if it is the first filter I seek to apply.

Also I was hoping the traits would list things like Agile, Sweep, forceful.

Can’t wait to see the character manager so I can start buying books!

Also to add, I am hoping for Variant rules in the character manager because otherwise I won’t be using it and therefore won’t be buying books here.
The next game I GM will be using automatic bonus progression, free archetype, ancestry paragon, and gradual ability boosts. So if the character manager doesn’t support those my group won’t use it

We’ll take a look, but it could be the case that any other filters you have selected have narrowed down the list to the point that there aren’t any Traits to select.

Regarding Weapon Traits, that is a filter possibility we plan to add at some point later in Early Access - definitely on the list!

And on the variant rules, we intend to support as many as we can as quickly as we can, starting with the most popular ones in use. Your list seems to include many of those. We’ll keep everyone posted, thanks!

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That is fantastic news! Thank you.

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Well done. I am very impressed with the presentation, comprehensiveness, and responsiveness. I am looking forward to your next phase 2 update. In the meantime, this should give me quite a bit to work with.

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This looks really, really good. My only comparison really is DndBeyond, but I think this is shaping up as a tool I can use to encourage a switch among my players. Alas, one day

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Looking forward to PF being done enough to see Starfinder next~


I apologize if this question was answered somewhere and I missed it. I did attempt to find it before posting my question. What is the expected release date for character management functionality? This is the piece I am personally waiting for before jumping onboard.

We don’t generally give dates for future releases, as in software development, that typically leads to disappointment on all sides.

However, I can say that we are actively working on the character management features as the “priority one” for the team. We have completed the “discovery” or concept phase, code is being written, and rules logic is being parsed.

Within the next few weeks, we’ll start to show some early preview mockups for a general check with the community to see if there’s anything we need to tweak before we dive deeper into the rabbit hole.

We are far enough along at this point to start getting excited about how it’s all coming together…the skeleton and framework is going to be powerful and - very importantly - flexible, which is going to be a requirement to bring a ruleset like Pathfinder to life.

We’ll share more when we can, thanks!


Thank you for this response. My D&D Beyond subscription is coming up and I’d like to switch over for P2E so I’m excited for the announcement.

A few questions:

  1. Will there be “Campaigns” similar to D&D Beyond where I can share my purchased character options with my players?; and
  2. Will there be “legendary bundle” discount or at least a “rulebook bundle” discount?

Thank you!

They’ve stated in a few dev updates that bundles are coming.

Sharing your bought books will definitely be happening as well.

They haven’t shared a date yet. They are currently working on the character builder / sheet. As well as finishing up one shots / adventure paths. All the while keeping up with newly released books on the horizon.

Now that we have an announcement about the Paizo/Foundry agreement, how will Nexus character management work with Foundry? Will it interact with Foundry? Will I be able to roll a skill check in Nexus and see it appear in Foundry?

I don’t think characters will sync back and forth like that.
This is how I understand it is currently working. Blues, correct me if I’m wrong.

The Paizo / Foundry sync is for the AP’s you can buy to use in FoundryVTT.

Demiplane Pathfinder 2e Nexus / Paizo sync is only for PDF’s for free if you buy a Demiplane / PF2e Nexus book and discounts on PF2e Nexus books if you already own the PDF via Paizo’s website.

That is not to say that somehow, some day demiplane / paizo / and foundry may syncing into a union some day.

I guess what I’m looking for is this: When i play a character in D&D Beyond and have the Roll20 VTT open, I can use Beyond 20 to allow my rolls in DDB to show up in Roll20.

It would be great to not need an additional app (Beyond20) to make that work…if Nexus and Foundry spoke to each other like that. I would much rather run my character in Nexus!I just want my rolls in Nexus to show up in Foundry. Make sense?

Updates like this are really awesome to see. Even things that seem mundane such as internal team processes and progress can really help to glean an understanding of how the feature is coming along. Thank you for sharing!