Planescape: Turn of Fortune's Wheel [5e] [Mondays] [6:30pm EST][Paid][Foundry VTT] NEW 1 out of 6 seats available

Planescape: Turn of Fortune’s Wheel

Is this a pay-to-play game

Yes, a fee of $20 per player per session will be paid to the DM. All payments are made post-session.



***Requirements **

Decent internet/mic, DDB for character creation

Time and Date

Monday 6:30 pm Eastern Standard.

Character Level

Level 6

Character generation guidelines

Standard Array or point buy. All species are allowed, All Sub-class options from any WoTC official material are permitted.

Session run time

3-4 hours

**Number of Openings: **

1 out of 6 seats available


Enter a world where the whole of the multiverse converges. Where the line between humanity, the unholy, and divinity blur and coexist. Where existential Macabre intermingles with surreal comedy. You awaken in a dimly lit morgue, memories of your past life are obfuscated, just out of reach. As you reconstruct the pieces of your fragmented memory, a frightening reality takes hold – you have died!

You were dead, but now somehow you walk amongst the living once more? Uncover the mystery of your death! How did you meet your untimely end? You remember only fragments of your life, vague images like a half-forgotten dream that tease at the edge of your consciousness. Compounded by memories that are not your own. Recollections of other lives, lives of people and places different from your own but no less personal?

Traverse the enigmatic city of Doors, Sigil, a crossroads of the multiverse. Venture into outlands where a vast, multi-dimensional conspiracy awaits, filled with deception, riddles, and mind-bending dilemmas.