Play by Post

Looking into if others are interested in a play by post world, I am willing to set up and DM something if others are into the idea.

I would run this Monday through Friday 9-5 CST. This would be run in Pathfinder 2e, and something I would start when Nexus goes live to better track rolls and what not. Though it could be started earlier using Discord if enough people are interested.

If there is a enough interests 10 + people, we could look at setting up a live play world in discord, that has 2-3 DM’s that can also play as players under another DM. Basically where channels are set up as taverns, houses, etc where people can immerse themselves in RP… though this option is one I would only want to do if we have a group that REALLY wants to do it. as this is a bit more work to set up.

Anyway Lets get a topic going here and have some talks about it all! look forward to hearing from you all