Player Core II and Monster Core with Remaster Program

Hi, I totally get that the focus of these announcements was on the upcoming player and GM core books. I was just wondering, will this program also cover Player Core II and the Monster Core for those of us who own the Advanced Players Guide and bestiaries? I’m not necessarily asking how that support would be implemented, although if you already know I’d be curious. Mostly just wondering if it’ll happen. The already announced remaster program is pretty generous as is.

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Great question–the Remaster Program is focused on helping new and existing players transition into the Player Core and GM Core books that will be released this fall.

While this doesn’t include books released in 2024 and beyond, the Remaster Program does ensure that you will automatically have Remaster access to all of your current character options (Ancestries, Backgrounds, Classes, Feats, Spells, Items, etc.) regardless of which Remaster book they will appear.

That makes sense. Another question occured to me, though this one might be dumb I’m not sure. Are the books available for pre-order currently part of bundles? I ask because I’m looking at purchasing a rulebooks bundle and since I already have the CRB and Gamemastery Guide, if Player and GM core are added in to the rulebooks bundle currently then I should probably wait until the codes to unlock them are released as part of the remaster program. I did see the 20 percent off coupon code so that definitely helps if I wanted to just kind of make my own bundle.

Yes, I can confirm that pre-order books are in the bundles. Once you get your codes (the player’s code should now be sent, and the GM code is “getting cooked”) you’ll be able to finish those off and then grab some other books with the sale code. :slight_smile:

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Hello, have the codes for GM Core come out yet? I definitely got one for player core but not for GM core, and I do own the gamemastery guide. No rush, I know the book isn’t even out yet lol. Mostly just curious since the Player Core one dropped so fast.

They should have gone out already, but if you didn’t get one and know you should have, please send us a support ticket and we’ll get that sorted out. Here’s the link if you need it:

Can’t recall if I’ve seen a more recent update on this - but since we’re past the original remaster release date I just want to ask.

Is it still confirmed there’ll be no ‘Remaster Program’ for the Advanced Players Guide > Player Core 2? Or is this a ‘watch this space’ thing?

I ask as I bought the Core Rulebook and Game Master Guide (with Paizo Connect discount) to get the remastered upgrades free (great deal!) - my first steps into Nexus. I’m considering whether to repurchase more rulebooks and transition more fully to Nexus, and content sharing with my players/getting them to use the character builder.

However, I don’t want to purchase (at full price since I don’t own the pdf) the Advanced Players Guide, if I will then have to pay full price again for Player Core 2 in just a few months. This blocker puts me off purchasing more content + sharing, since one or more of my players used APG content.

If I knew the APG included an upgrade to Player Core 2, I’d be much more willing to go ‘all in’ now.


We have nothing more to share about how we might handle the next remaster releases. When we have an update to share, we’ll be sure to post about it here in the forums, but the best place to stay tuned for updates is our Dev Update streams on Tuesday mornings at 9am Pacific at Twitch

Understood, thank you!