Player looking for a group running game in Talespire

Game: D&D 5e / D&D 3.5
Group preferred: / Talespire / DnD Beyond
Experience: New to talespire and online Table top
Location/Timezone: Central US
Availability: Weekends after 7 am
Preferred role: Player
Game style: Looking for a group to game with and have a good time. I have a mic but no cam. I picked up Talespire because it looked like a great way to get in on some great gaming opportunities.

A little more about me:

I’ve played AD&D , 3.0 and 3.5. I’ve had some introduction to 5 through watching online games such as crit role and viva la dirt league. I’ve not really done any gaming in about 10 years and really miss it and want to get back involved.