Playing around with AI, is this viable?

So I was playing around with chat GPT when I decided to ask it to make me an illusionist character in the Pathfinder second edition rule set and I’m curious if whether or not what it gave me is actually viable as while I am currently switching to Pathfinder I have no actual experience with it also I want to say I have no intention of letting AI create characters for me I was just curious if it actually could anyways what’s that out of the way here’s the build that gave me

Name: Faelin Whispercloak
Ancestry: Gnome
Heritage: Fey-Touched Gnome
Background: Shadowcaster

Ability Scores (using the standard array and applying the ancestry, background, and class adjustments):

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 16
Class: Wizard
Arcane School: Illusion

Class Feats and Abilities:

Arcane Bond: Bonded Item (ring)
Cantrips: Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation
1st-Level Spells: Color Spray, Illusory Disguise, Magic Missile, Sleep
Wizard Feat 1: Widen Spell (to affect a larger area with illusion spells)
Ancestry Feats and Abilities:

Gnome Obsession (Skill Feat): Stealth
Gnome Weapon Familiarity
Ancestry Feat 1: First World Magic (Gain the Dancing Lights cantrip)

Trained: Arcana, Deception, Nature, Occultism, Performance, Religion, Society, Stealth, Thievery

Traveler’s clothing
Component pouch
Shortbow with 20 arrows
Backpack with bedroll, rations, waterskin, and other standard adventuring gear
Silver mirror (for use with Illusory Disguise)
Faelin Whispercloak is a gnome illusionist who has embraced the trickery and mystery of illusions. As a fey-touched gnome, Faelin has a strong connection to the First World, a realm of powerful fey creatures where illusion magic is abundant. Faelin’s background as a shadowcaster has further deepened their affinity for illusion magic, making them adept at manipulating light and shadows.

Faelin’s spell selection focuses on creating illusions and manipulating their surroundings. Spells like Color Spray and Illusory Disguise allow Faelin to confuse and deceive enemies, while utility spells like Ghost Sound, Message, and Prestidigitation enable them to create minor illusions and communicate covertly.

In combat, Faelin can use their Widen Spell feat to create larger illusions that affect more enemies. They are also trained in Stealth and Thievery, allowing them to remain hidden and use their environment to their advantage. With a high Charisma score and training in Deception and Performance, Faelin can convincingly sell their illusions and keep their enemies guessing.

Faelin’s choice of the First World Magic ancestry feat grants them access to the Dancing Lights cantrip, further enhancing their ability to create and manipulate light. As they gain levels, Faelin can continue to choose feats and spells that emphasize their theme of illusion and deception, becoming an ever-more elusive and enigmatic presence on the battlefield.

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Put it in Pathbuilder and see if works.

Check out the TheAIWizard on Youtube he had some interesting results.