PLAYTEST - BETA - Random Character Generator

Hello, everyone!

My name is Andre (Andreus), brazilian, and I have developed this REALLY SIMPLE Daggerheart Random Character Generator (RCG) on Excel/Sheets. I’ll share only the Sheets version, as to avoid any kind of malware spreading, but anyone who wants the original .xlsx version, may just PM me.

It’s a 0.0.1 version, and I am planning on updating it at least weekly, so if you have any requests/ideas or tips (formula and design) to make it better, please just comment over here and I’ll be sure to answer you and try to accomplish whatever you say!

Sheets link: Daggerheart RCG

v0.0.1 Contents:
Character Generator;
Basic Content Customization;
Character List (history);
-New column: Weapon Type. Divided weapons into their type (Physical Damage or Magical Damage). The weapon chosen depends on the weapon type generated for your Character. Only Spellcasters may use Magical weapons. At this moment, only GUARDIAN and WARRIOR can’t use magical weapons.

v0.1.0 Expectation:
Auto-save character on CHList in the press of a button;

Future additions (no order):
PT-BR Translated version;
Improve trait selection;
Embedded random name generator;
Auto-generate Description, Background, Experience and Connections texts;
Create a “tendency to apply recommended settings” (Some way to guarantee a wizard won’t be +2STR -1 Knowledge, for example)
Automatic Random Party Creation;
Automatic Balanced Random Party Creation;
Scenario-driven Character generate (Generate a Random Character with some determined factors or descriptions);
Other translated versions (impossible for me, as I can only speak Portuguese and English, anyone feel free to translate it).

Thanks a lot for NEXUS and everyone involved on the Daggerheart creation, and everyone who reply this.


Having run the pre-done one-shot with my party, I am kicking off our full campaign this week and thought that I’m going to have to do some extra work to create NPCs. THANK YOU for this!