Playtest - Commander & Guardian Classes - Support Megathread

The nations of Golarion clash over border disputes, natural resources, and ideological differences. For such grand conflicts (as well as your typical dungeon encounters), we introduce two new classes who can help turn the tide of any battle.

Two playtest classes, the Commander and Guardian, are in open playtest until June 21. You can create characters with these classes using the Pathfinder NEXUS character tools right now!

If you encounter any issues or bugs making or using these characters, please let us know right here.


All of the information you need to play these characters will be at your fingertips. Bespoke support for the Commander’s tactics is also built-in! Select your tactics in the builder, and find your folio at the top of your actions panel. You can prepare your actions there each day, and list who your squadmates are in the folio sidebar.

Known Issues

There are two feats we do not currently support. Armored Regiment Training (Commander) and Raise Haft (Guardian). Your sheet will not automatically take these features into account, but their information will still be at your fingertips!

Additionally, the Commander’s Banner currently cannot be attached to your shield or a weapon. However, the benefits it gives will still appear in the relevant Notes section as long as it’s in your inventory!

If you encounter any other issues, or have feedback about how these classes have been implemented into Demiplane, drop them below! If you have feedback about the classes themselves, find the survey links on this page.

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The Guardian class Primer is displaying Commander feats instead of its own class feats.

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Good catch, that should be fixed!

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