Please don't wait for PF remaster to add performance improvements

I know you keep telling us that performance improvements are coming … but have your developers actually tried using demi-lane during peak gaming hours? (evenings and weekends?) … we play wednesday evenings, and the experience has been so unpleasant I’m at risk of players dropping out unless we switch to one of your “free” competitors. While a bit of lag is okay, we are talking performance so abysmal that when players try to load their character it redirects to the main demi-lane landing page, or trying to add equipment is near impossible because the search filter doesn’t return the correct items (try adding a plain quarterstaff to your character during peak usage) I realize your are in Beta but if you could add even one clear improvement that the patient users in my group could point to as evidence to the others, that would go a long way …


We are not waiting on anything to work on performance improvements - we are in active development on the refactor that will produce significantly better load and response times.

One of the biggest benefits of the character tools beta for Pathfinder has been the opportunity for us to collect data and feedback that has allowed us to identify the things we needed to do to make the full release perform at the level it should be, and we will be going live with the full release before the end of the year.

I can say the same for the other games for which we have released character tools since Pathfinder entered beta - every time we work on a new one, the platform gets better. If you want to get an idea of the kind of performance improvements Pathfinder will benefit from, you can build an Avatar Legends, Vampire, or (very soon) a Marvel character. Pathfinder is the most expansive and complex game system that we have (and honestly that exists in the TTRPG space), so this process has taking a little longer, but we are committed to making it a great experience with the full release.

We will share more as soon as we are able to do so, but you can expect significant performance improvements before we hit our holiday break.


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that’s not the impression one is left with on the twitch streams they imply that performance improvements have taken the back burner and postponed due to the remaster. good to hear that’s not the case

I’m not sure where that impression came from on any of the streams - I have mentioned that the “short term roadmap” features like formulas, companions and familiars, PDF exporting, etc. was paused for required Remaster work, but we have been conceptualizing and then working on the refactor needed for performance improvements for several weeks.

In fact, we really wanted the performance improvements to coincide with the Remaster release, but it looks like we are not going to quite be able to release them simultaneously.

I don’t talk in too much detail about the performance improvement refactoring since most of the time that isn’t too exciting, but we are certainly in progress on it.


I think you would be surprised at how exciting many of us would find it! I have three groups that I’ve tried to get onto the PF2e Demiplane character tools, and every group has tried, and given up due to performance issues. It is literally the only thing keeping me from being able to get 15+ people to adopt the platform.

exactly … and I think the software dev fans would be curious to hear of the issues you’ve encountered and how you solved them

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Staff here regularly reply to specific issues and note the issues with their development team.

I meant Users who are devs or just into the topic might enjoy reading about some of the problems and solutions that demiplane devs encountered.


The best way to see that, btw, is here: News & Announcements - Demiplane Forums

lol, there is none of that info there

Yeah, not one Dev Update to be found.

Show me one spot where they describe a problem that they encountered and how they solved it. We aren’t talking about “last week we put in support for the latest AP”. We mean “we changed the implementation of rule x from O(x^2) to O(log(n)) and here’s how” type of dev talk.