Possible to customize weapons?

Is there any way to customize weapons/proficiencies? I have a witch in my new campaign who would like to use a Bo staff but is untrained in Martial … however this witch has a Farmer backstory, and since Bo staves are descended from farming implements I’d like to make an exception for her for this one item …

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This would also come in handy if new weapons were added by GMs and you wanted a class to have access to that weapon as well.

Long-term, it will be possible to make a version of the Bo staff as a homebrew item that doesn’t require a martial weapon proficiency to use, and give that item to your character. Homebrew is on the roadmap, but we aren’t there quite yet.

As a short-term workaround, you could add a weapon proficiency feat in the Feats & Features tab for the purpose of adding that modifier to your rolls on the sheet. :slight_smile: