Possible to have joint character management?

I want to use Demiplane for character management in my V5 tabletop game, and would like it if there could be a system for two people to collaborate on a character. Honestly I kind of expected the “Group” feature of demiplane to work with the character builder in this way but was dissappointed when it did not.

Essentially my ideal workflow would be:

Player creates their character using the default wizard, then can submit their character for approval. Characters get some kind of status indicator for approval status for the game “Draft/Submitted/Approved” or something like that.

Each character would then have two roles that can modify them. A storyteller and a player role. The storyteller can add XP to the sheet, and the player can spend XP (but the spends get flagged for approval).

I’d love to be able to pull the sheets up during play, having a shared surface between Storyteller and Player, and be able to see their health/hunger/willpower in real time (or semi realtime).

For now I’m using Demiplane where I own the characters and I am just copying the players physical sheets into the system.

This is something that is in the works, or at least something in the same spirit. It’s possible to share your character sheet now, and our intention is to add sharing permissions to allow your GM to edit. On top of that, we do plan to integrate character tools with groups, to allow you to manage and use sheets there.

We still have some ground to cover before we can roll those features out, but they are on the roadmap. :slight_smile:

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In an adjacent idea, would it be possible for a ST to create characters and then assign ownership of them to a player in their group? It would be useful to assist newbie players who may get bogged down in Session Zero with choices and also help STs in creating characters for in memoriam scenes.

Yes, you can absolutely create a character for your players and then share it with them. They can save that character to their account and manage it from there. In the future, it will be possible for you as the GM/ST to have the ability to edit your player’s character sheet, but we haven’t gotten there yet. :slight_smile:

Fantastic :slight_smile: