Possible to preorder PF Remaster upgrade?…

It says I will be emailed a code for the free upgrade but is there a timing for that? Or will it not be available until the product is released?…

I know they send out upgrade codes to your email titled:

Your Upgrade Code to Pathfinder 2nd Edition Player Core Is Enclosed

Inside Please Find Your Upgrade Code for Pathfinder 2nd Edition GM Core

Those are the only two books I know that get free upgrades.

Thank you but do you know if they’ve already been sent out?…

I’ve already received mine.

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I haven’t received mine either, I believe. Those that did, when were your email codes sent?

From Mellie over on discord, posted 31st July

  1. If you previously purchased the Core Rulebook and/or Gamemastery Guide, you’ll receive an e-mail with a code to redeem a free copy of it’s respective Remastered book! Those codes should now all be sent, so double-check your ‘junk mail’ if you don’t see them, and reach out to our Support team (http://support.demiplane.com/) if you seem to be missing your codes.

So definitely worth chasing it up if you still have nothing

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Thanks. I’ve put in a ticket.

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