Possible to Preorder Source Books as Gifts for Another Person?

As the title says. Is there/will there be any way to gift pre-orders of sourcebooks (or regular sourcebook purchases for that metter)?

Thanks in advance.

The ability to gift is not currently in place, but it is definitely planned. We will share updates on this as we have them.


Thanks for the quick response, Adam.

Glad to see you’re running this. You did a great job with D&D Beyond. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Best of luck!

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I have players that would like to Gift me things already. I hope this goes in soon.

Where can we view the roadmap to see what’s on it when possibly when its planed for?

We don’t have a public roadmap as this stage, but we share what we’re working on in development update streams and what is released in our changelog. There will be more roadmap visibility once we actually launch Pathfinder Nexus.

Gifting will not be available before launch, so not this year’s holiday season, but I would expect to see it before next year’s holiday season.


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