Pre-make characters

I am running a game for Free RPG Day, and I want to use Demiplane as it will make it easier to run the MARVEL game with players who have no idea what powers and things do. With Demiplane, they can just hover over or click the links and get the info they need. HOWEVER, I need to be able to remake the characters (I plan to just use existing characters, but I can build them AS characters). I don’t see any way to do this, though. Maybe I’m missing it, but is there a way for me to pre-build a character and then assign it to a player?

Hi there! You can’t assign characters, but you can absolutely make characters in advance and then share them with players.

Simply make the character as normal, and then you can click the character’s name while in sheet view, which will open up the character management sidebar. At the end of that sidebar are the sharing settings. Set that to anyone with a link, and then you can either share it by giving a player the link, or by opening up the QR code and letting them scan it directly off of your screen.

They’ll then be able to save that character to their account as a copy, and play with it as normal.

Hope that helps!

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I did find how to do this, I just had to get someone else to help my make sure everything was working as needed! And it does!!!

Should be a fun session.

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