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Two questions about pricing - 4.99/month is a great price, but can we get a “pay annually” option, please?
And can I ask why the digital materials here are more expensive than the pdfs direct from Paizo? I’m pretty new to PF2e, so I’m not hugly invested & could happily make the switch to Nexus; I’d be 100% happy to pay the pdf price, but why that little bit above pdf - it’s a bit off putting when so many of the rules are already available for free, legally.


Hey vijayc,
I am sending you a link to another forum post where the developers have already commented on the annual payment. Membership(has it's privilege's) - #3 by joshuamsimons


Hello Vijayc. I think everyone is going to find value in different things. To answer your why question with my personal value, i love having access to the full book with all the artwork in a format that works on pc, tablet, and my phone. The convenience means a lot to me.

You get access to hi-res maps for gm and player facing. The Demiplane team has even gone out of thier way to fix maps that have had issues. (Paizo maps have been know to show traps and secret doors on the player facing maps). They also did something with one of the kingmaker maps. ( I cant specifically remember).

Owning the books will also unlock those options in the character builder when it’s ready.

Connecting you paizo account (Paizo Connect) will get you a discount with anything you already own in pdf format. If you dont already own the pdf you get that added to your paizo account.

Why is it more expensive, I believe Adam has answered it before on redditt and I’ll try and link it in an edit. But there’s licensing at play. Not to mention, Demiplane needs to make money to keep running.

Heres the link:


Thanks both! Glad to see annual subscription is in the pipeline.

If Demiplane is adding & fixing content, then I can see it being worth the premium. And you make a good point about readability on mobile devices - something that’s pretty important to me, so I guess that’s added value too. I didn’t realise buying content on here unlocks it as a pdf at Paizo anyway until I read that Reddit thread - Demiplane need to advertise that!

Anyway, I don’t have much to lose by trying it!


You already have access to the primer and a couple of free adventures. Check out the format on your mobile device.


Yeah, the formatting of the primer is great. I own the CRB pdf, so I’m buying that to compare directly & to open up more of the character creator.

I was also looking for the beginner box adventure (Menace under Otari), so I can compare to the pdf I own, but it seems not to be available, so that’s a request for staff.


Thanks all for chiming in and helping answer vijayc’s question. I have passed on the request to add Menace Under Otari to the NEXUS. :slight_smile:


Thanks you - that’s awesome!

Sadly, there are NO updates on the status for adding the PF2 Beginner Box GM Guide, Player Guide, and stand-alone adventure “Menace Under Otari” getting added.

As an entry point for new PathFinder 2e DM/GM and tables, it would seem worth getting the Beginner Box available on PathFinderNexus. The Adventure tends to feed into Troubles in Otari Adventure and/or the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path.

I want to share the PathFinderNexus link for the BeginnerBox with an interested DM whose table is strong away from their current system. PathFinder 2e is under consideration yet an alternative to DnDBeyond is desired.

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