Printing Character Sheets

Is there no way to print a character sheet?

This is on our roadmap, but isn’t ready just yet. As we like to say, “Coming soon” :slight_smile:


I am relieved that this is on the list. The character that I agonized over for hours just evaporated. With a copy or .pdf that I could reference it would be easier to recreate.

Really happy to read this , this would be a mayor improvement.
and something that would really help me run sessions with my lesser technical inclined players.

Hoping to see this soon :slight_smile:

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There are posts from a year earlier saying “coming soon” as well. This is such an important and seemingly obvious feature, I’m so surprised and disappointed that it hasn’t been implemented yet.

I just used the Character Creator to make a really exciting PF2 character, and I’m also excited to hear that the ability to print them off is on the “to do” list. Thank you for all the great work you are putting into our games!