Printing characters

Is there a way to print a character sheet?

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This is a feature that is not currently available, but it is on the roadmap!

We don’t have an ETA for this that we can share yet, but we plan to make it possible to export your character sheet to PDF, so you can print it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response. That feature will make this character program far more useful for me as a GM so I can have multiple characters at the ready during a game.


Is there any word on when we will get the print option? We REALLY need this. Thanks!

We don’t have anything concrete to share here. It’s on our roadmap, but there are some other milestones we need to hit before we can shift our focus to developing this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply!

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Are you actually kidding about this? This is a support tool for a TABLETOP role-playing game and you didn’t think to allow us to print out characters so we can actually play like every other TTRPG on the planet for the history of time??

Crit fail, ya’ll!

And I only found out this AFTER I had paid you guys money for the core rulebook which I already owned the physical copy. Hahaha. Joke’s on me I guess (and I’ll be requesting that you refund my purchase since your tool is completely unusable to me). You guys need to drop everything else and fix this. Kind of ridiculous.


We appreciate you sharing your opinion on what our priorities should be - we’ll give it the consideration it warrants in regards to what we focus on with our upcoming development efforts.

Constructive feedback is always welcomed, as it helps us ensure we’re working on the most impactful things for the most people in the community. To this point, that has not included a option to export a character sheet to a PDF, but it is something that is relatively soon on our list.


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Ok, here we are at almost the end of March. Printing would be outstanding! Game Convention season is here!

If you want me to run the game at Game Conventions, where people will most likely play the game and buy the book, and maybe buy a book via Demiplane, you need to address this issue. I can’t expect people who will be with me for a four-hour game to try to log into a game system app while they are just learning the game. I mean, put your Logo at the top of the page “Printed with Demiplane,” heck do it one step better, “Printed with Demiplane,” and the URL underneath when something is printed. Add a QR code.

Also, while we are at it, give me the option of printing a page outlining the powers. I have had to create a separate page for each Marvel character that tells people what “Mighty” and all of the other powers do.

Thanks for hearing me out.


Just wanted to add another voice in support of the export to PDF functionality, as I’ve heard quite a few people talk about it on the MMRPG Discord recently, and I certainly would benefit myself.

My personal use case is that I LOVE using Demiplane to make up my own characters, but when I play in person, it is not practical or possible to have a laptop up on the gaming table. So I will sometimes just forgo using Demiplane to make those characters, and will search for a similar build online, since I don’t have the time to transcribe my demiplane builds onto paper.

I love the above-mentioned idea of having an option to export the Power/Trait/Tag descriptions as well. That would save me a lot of time at in-person games as well.

One other feature that I would LOVE to see would be some kind of filter for characters. Filtering by Rank would be very useful - with new adventures like Escape from Planet Hulk and Deadpool Roleplays the Marvel Universe coming out, I’m sure I’ll have some new players looking for characters between Ranks 1 and 3, or 2 and 4. Being able to filter by the Heroic Tag (or filtering out the Villainous Tag) would also help people select a character.

I appreciate all that you do, and thanks for listening!


Demi people,

What’s the status of this feature?
As everyone else has mentioned, being able to print from here would make this tool 100% more useful.
Please make it so we don’t have to turn to other people’s work to get the job done.

Currently in development. We’ll shout from the rooftops when we have a big update to share. :blush:

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I was wondering the same thing, I would love to have the feature available hopefully it comes soon!